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Over the last few days there has been recent reports in the Media of various countries not adhearing to the European code of Reciprocal Health care for Emergancies whilst traveling abroad. This highlights the need to have as much documentation and information as possible in order to aid your need for treatment on your EHIC card.                                                                                      Your European Health Translation card is here to help you and your family. This card is to accompany your NHS-EHIC card. 
You can order your  NHS-EHIC card free from
We know and understand that at this present time you are confident you do not need this card and should and if you fall ill whilst you are away you will deal with the situation as it arises. After reading some of the reports and the very low outlay, peace of mind goes a long long way. 
Make sure Language is not a problem and ensure you and your family get the treatment where you need it. Prevent unnecessary excess charges on your Travel Insurance and prevent your hospital visit costing you hundreds of pounds. 

What is the European Health Card?

Our card converts the EU country your visiting to the Language request for medical treatment on your NHS - EHIC card. This is a clear translated instruction that will confirm your preference to attend a state Healthcare Hospital or Doctor.  

We strongly advise you to consider using the new EHTC  Translation card in the event you may need medical assistance whist traveling in an EEA (European Economic Area).
Our card makes sure your needs are understood in the translated language of the country you are visiting. 
There is a Translation card available for each EU country.

The Benefits of  the 
European Health Translation Card are:-

1. Simply show the Translation card to the Hotel Reception, Medical assistance team or Ambulance crew to ensure you are taken to a State Healthcare Hospital or Doctor which accepts the NHS-EHIC card.  Reduce your up front costs for medical assistance that you can claim back later, or even pay nothing at all.
NHS-EHIC card covers any medical treatment that becomes necessary during your trip due to illness or accident if you are taken to a State run Health care Hospital.

2. Get the most from your travel insurance. With some insurance policies you are only covered if you use your NHS-EHIC card. Private treatment is not covered. They may also waive the excess which could be £50 to £500 pounds or even more by using your NHS-EHIC. 
3. Your NHS-EHIC card also covers any necessary treatment you may need for a chronic disease including Cancer, Diabetes and Cardiac conditions based on a pre-existing illness. Many insurers will not cover these conditions at all or will charge an excess fee of around £200 to £500 pounds. Many insurers also impose age limits on who they will insure. There are no age limits on your  NHS-EHIC.

4. Make sure Language is not a problem when requesting your medical attention. Keep your NHS-EHIC card and your European Health Translation Card together in our clear heavy duty wallet.

5. Most importantly if you are visitor to the UK and you cannot speak fluent English our Translation card is a must. As visitors your are entitled to use the State Hospitals on your reciprocal equivalent E111 EHIC card of your country.